Payments Are the Perfect Multiplier for SaaS

payments for SaaS guide

Are you looking for investment to fund your next phase of growth?

Scaling up…it’s the “end all, be all” for SaaS companies. If you can scale up fast, you’re much more likely to achieve success. Sounds pretty simple.

The catch? You need to attract investment to fund that scaling because SaaS fees are low, by design. And catching the eye of investors can be quite tricky, especially today. 

With this problem in mind, Handpoint has developed a payments guide to help SaaS CEOs like you, who are focused on delivering business metrics that attract investment.  Let us give you a hint at one solution to the problem: it’s payments for SaaS!

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Embedded payments done right can improve key SaaS metrics

Payments are the perfect multiplier for core metrics considered by SaaS investors, including: 

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): How efficient is your growth engine?  How quickly can you recover your CAC?
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Can you retain your customers longer?  Is your CLV:CAC > 3:1?
  • Net Revenue Retention (NRR): Can you increase your revenues per customer over time?
  • Net New Revenue Growth Rate: Can you win new revenues faster than you churn them?

A clear and well-defined payments strategy, guided by the experts at Handpoint, will help you improve on these metrics and others.  

Done right, payments can help with all of your business’s most pressing problems: from beating the competition to scale, to getting that extra cash flow, to improving products, to achieving a higher valuation.

In our “Payments at the Perfect Multiplier” ebook, discover why payments for SaaS can help you attract customers and investors.

Why is Handpoint the payments partner you should trust? 

At Handpoint, we know that not all payments strategies are created equal. Maybe your company tried to implement payments in the past and was overwhelmed with the development and support complexity, with little return to show for it. Handpoint is here to make the transition to embedded payments simple and easy. 

 We have already helped over helped 100 software companies from California to South Africa to supercharge their SaaS growth and revenues

To find out why Payments are the Perfect Multiplier for your business, download our payments guide today by clicking below.

Download our "Payments are the Perfect Multiplier" ebook